Healing the Way Nature Intended


Promoting Life, Health & Well-Being for Animals and People


Reiki for animals


Integrating Ancestors and Spirit Guides to provide
the ultimate healing experience


At Nikoe Natural Therapies we know that holistic options and its powerful healing for both people and animals has been used for thousands of years. Our body will always strive for perfect health, wanting to heal and regain a balance of well-being. This is our natural state. Since 2000, Nikoe Natural Therapies, through personal and professional experience has provided clients, all species, with choices for healing and preventative healthcare.

Through intuitive insight a session will be created to provide the most effective tools for healing. These include animal communication, Reiki, Shamanism, improved nutrition, essential oils and gem stones.

Animals are fully aware of the process of life, when healing is an option and when it is time to let go. They are also incredible teachers, mentors and guides.  Your emotional connection to your animal can bring about a healing for both of you.

Horse therapyOur intuitive and visionary approach taps into the body’s innate knowledge of healing, returning health to the way nature intended, bringing emotional & physical balance and incredible results.



MISSION STATEMENT: At Nikoe Natural Therapies we focus on facilitating for people to clear your blocks and old patterns leading to alignment with the self and synchronicity to be all that you are! For animals we bring understanding and clarity as seen through their eyes.